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Julian's Driving SchoolAbout me
Hi I'm Julian, I am now licensed by the DVSA to give driving tuition and I’m really excited by this opportunity to teach safe driving techniques. People often tell me that I’m calm and relaxed. I also know that I want to my learners to get techniques right and believe this is a perfect blend to make a good driving instructor.

In my past I was a PE teacher for 9 years and have spent over 12 years in schools. I’ve also worked in Sports Development both for the English Hockey Association (as was) and through my own business. Additionally I’ve regularly coached a variety of sports, principally hockey, for over 30 years.

Teaching new things to people is wonderful, especially helping them to realise that they’re better than they had known. I have helped many people develop personally through sport and know that the same experience can be achieved when learning to drive.

As a Qualified Teacher, I feel lucky to have found LDC and trained using the LD System. I know it gives a great framework for teaching interesting lessons and learners can easily track their progress. Lessons will always be conducted in a calm, friendly and relaxed manner ~ that’s the only way I want it to be. It is unacceptable that any learner should receive unstructured delivery, make no progress in a lesson or be spoken to in a disrespectful way. If any of this applied to one of my lessons, I’d want to refund the cost of it.

If you ask me to be your driving instructor I can promise you a positive and calm environment in the car. If you are nervous then I will help you to feel safe. If you are already confident then I can build on this, ensuring that you make good driving decisions. When you exceed your expectations as a driver it’s likely to help you develop personal confidence. And when that happens, like you, I will be overjoyed.

Well, I hope this gives you a brief idea about me; so please feel free to "click here" to contact me if you’d like to take this further. I will then be happy to meet up, help you understand more about my teaching style and introduce you to the LD System of driving lessons. At this point you will be under no obligation to take lessons with me and you will not be pressured into doing so.

A potted history of my career:
1984 ~ Graduated from University of Warwick with an Honours Degree in Teaching. Went on to teach PE in 3 different schools
1993 ~ Moved into Sports Development at Bedford Sports & Hockey Centre
1997 ~ Became Hockey Development Manager in the East and then the East Midlands Region, based at Loughborough University
2003 ~ Set up Transition UK Ltd, a Sports Consultancy business
2012 ~ Moved back to classroom teaching in two schools
2016 ~ Ran a Community Pavilion that I’d written funding applications for
2018 ~ Began training as a Driving Instructor and made the move into this Profession